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We at “One Touch Black Smith & Fencing Works” shall strive for customer satisfaction at all customer touch points through consistent quality in operational processes, materials procured, equipment used, technologies adopted and human resources employed and as a result offering the highest quality products on a sustainable basis.

The overall responsibility, authority and interrelation of all key personal shall be defined and understood by all personnel involved.

Quality System

The project quality system procedure will be established and distributed to all department concern for use and controlled by the head of department.

Project Quality Review

The quality system of the company is continuously reviewed for its effectiveness and any changes needed for improvement purposes will immediately implemented.

Design Control

Detailed design plan and engineering shall be established, implemented and verified by the engineering division.
Field changes and modification to the approved engineering document and drawings shall be controlled for identification, documentation and review and approved by the engineering division responsible for the original design division.

Document and Data Control

All incoming/outgoing correspondence, documents, etc of the project shall be filed in a systematic and controlled way in accordance with the established document control procedure.


Purchasing plan shall be established and implemented in accordance with the purchasing procedure for ensuring all purchased project material and equipment confirm to specific quality requirement and quality system.
The purchasing document will contain all data describing project material and equipment ordered including specification, drawing, process requirement, inspection instruction and other relevant technical data.

All subcontractor selection and control shall
be implemented and maintained, in accordance with subcontractor approval procedure so as to achieve excellent quality of the works performed to meet the specified project requirements.

Control Of Customer Supplied Items

Storage area for the customers supplied product will be clearly defined and segregated by the type of materials. Enough protection provided for protection again system will be provided for protection against damage identification, preservation handling as per the approved procedures for the control of customers supplied product.

Identification and Traceability

Approved Procedure shall be established and maintained for identifying the project equipment and material parts and materials parts and components including prefabricated assemblies by suitable mans from the receipt and during all stages of storage, fabrication, erection and modification.

Identification of item is addressed either by using tags, stamps, and stencils or by means of records traceable to an item. Verification of correct identification and traceability will be made prior to delivery.

Process Control

Process Control shall be made by work planning of construction activities or by work procedure or instruction to maintain construction quality. The work procedure will be documented and referred to in the Quality Control Plan.

The Quality Control Plan is a document designed for performance of surveillance and monitoring of the quality during construction works with the corresponding of the quality  control  activity, acceptance criteria , verifying documents type of surveillance and also personnel responsible to perform them.

  The Quality plan shall be prepared to ensure that all construction activities are planned and perform in compliance with the specified requirements and verifying documents are available for verifying that the activities under taken conform to established plan & procedure.

The level of quality planning and details shall     be extended to all works significant to the construction quality. Special attention shall be paid to the procedures and personnel qualification for the construction process to -ensure that correct and approved procedures are applied for all phases of work.

Most of the processes that fall within this category are accomplished during controlled condition in accordance with all applicable codes, standards, project specification or other qualified personnel and procedures. Examples of such processes are welding .heat treatment, non-destructive testing, painting etc. Personnel required to perform inspection activities related to special construction process shall be-assigned for the performance of duties after evaluation of their qualification and experiences.

• Inspection and testing

All inspection and testing required to be performed to verify the quality of works shall be documented in the ITP in sequential manner applicable.

The ITP shall include all the relevant inspection and test conforming to the applicable specification codes, standards and project requirements.

All construction works shall be performed in accordance with the approved ITP.
The various stages of the ITP shall be signed  off  by all concerned parties involved in accordance with the specified requirement or acceptance criteria.

All inspection documents related to the project at  various  stages will be continuously review and file by the relevant personnel in charge so as to ensure that all records during the final stages of delivery meet the require quality project quality requirement.

• Control of inspection and test equipment 

All relevant inspection personnel will monitor  all inspection  and test equipment for their validity calibration date etc so as to meet conformance of the specified requirements.

• Inspection and test status

All records related to the inspection and test system shall be controlled and verify.

• Nonconforming Records

All activities, material equipment etc which don’t conform with the specified project requirement shall be recorded and segregate in a systematic manner such that the non conformity materials or works are not inadvertently in corporate into the permanent facilities of the projects.

Inspection personnel shall issue anon conformity report (NCR) and distribute a copy to the relevant construction group for rectification. The Inspection personnel will discuss with the relevant department regarding this problem and possible method of rectification. All works that do not conform with the project requirement will be stopped until the rectification has taken place.
The disposition of the non – conformity shall be one of the following
Re work to meet the quality requirement
Rejected or scrapped 

• Corrective Action

Problem with the quality program will be analyze for their basic cause prior to planning and all preventive measures will be continuously studied.
The areas covered will be those of specification, process, execution method, training and skills of personnel.

Based on investigation report, suitable preventive measurements will be introduced so as not to repeat future occurrence of non-conformity.
Changes introduce into the system as result of corrective actions implementation shall be documented and reflected into relevant procedures, pertaining to quality system, procedures or work instructions.
Site Handling, Storage and Delivery
All equipment, materials transporting from ware houses to the relevant site is controlled as per relevant procedures which provide correct and safe handling procedures, transportation procedures, lifting procedures etc. This is to protect the materials and equipment from damages during handling and transportation.

Project Records

The project record of the whole construction activity shall be provided to demonstrate that the required qualities have been achieved and confirm to the acceptance criteria of the specific specification.

Project records shall be prepared as per the progress of the construction activities in the compilation of the construction documents and shall be readily accessible as and where required by means of identification and filled by pre-arranged index for easy references. The index shall be prepared as per accordance with job, area, work classification defined by specific project requirement and shall be submitted to the customers upon final handover of the project.

The records shall be stored to prevent deterioration and damages and also protected from unauthorized access.

Quality Audits

Internal audits shall be conducted by QA auditors to ensure continuous conformance to the quality system. Audits shall be conducted by in house trained auditors.


Training program on the quality system requirements shall be initiated for all personnel involved in the project. The training of all personnel related to their respective quality program will be conducted by third party trainers and upon completion of the course and their qualification will be maintained by their relevant departments.

QA/QC Procedure

The site QA/QC manager will ensure that all inspection and testing activities are performed by the qualified personnel, in accordance with specified requirements of the contract documents.
QC engineers and inspectors shall perform the inspection and test activities in accordance with the approved ITP.

General Rules

a. Tools throwing from one person to other are not allowed.
b. Temporary platform for high level works not allowed.
c. Short cut accesses shall not be allowed.


a. Every personnel at site should wear safety helmets and safety shoes.
b. Safety belts shall be compulsory for those working on scaffolding above 2.0 mtrs
c. Coverall bearing the company logo shall be worn by workers.
d. Hand gloves shall be compulsory for all activities which may lead to injury such as hoisting/grinding/cutting.
e. Face mask shall be made available at site for all activities which generate dust.
f. Goggles shall be compulsory while handling cutting machine, grinding machine, jigsaw etc.  


a. Manpower shall be strictly controlled by Supervisory staff.
b. Eating and resting are restricted at designated areas.
c. Site timings and hygiene on site to be adhered to by all.
d. Cigar smoking, chewing tobacco etc. shall not be allowed.


Each working team shall be instructed to clean the wastage generated from their respective areas and this waste shall be discarded at designated areas marked by Main Contractor. This shall maintain cleanliness and good working environment.


Any activity, that has a potential for fire, shall only be carried out with necessary precaution and with the approval from Main Contractor. In addition fire extinguisher shall be provided.


Site Office shall be equipped with necessary first aid materials. ONE TOUCH has few trained first aiders working as Supervisors. Vehicle shall be available at site.


Safety violation by any parties shall be reported to the Project Manager, ONE TOUCH will view such violations very seriously and strict action shall be taken to avoid the recurrence. All violations shall be noted and recorded to ascertain that all workers are following safety rules.

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